Not the last shot at the Armory

Last shot
City privatives Quarry without lifeguards for $1, buys Boston Store building for $500,000 and bars citizens from the Armory.  Sheboygan, Backwards into the future.
In other council action:

• Aldermen voted to deny a request from the Armory Foundation to rent the Sheboygan Armory through Oct. 31 so that the citizen-led group can make improvements to the building and hold an event there.

The city has set an Oct. 31 deadline for development proposals for the Armory. Once the deadline passes, city leaders are expected to decide how to proceed with the property.

• Aldermen voted to renew the city’s contract with a private operator to manage swimming access at Quarryview Park for a second straight summer.

The firm, Empire Recreation Management LLC, will pay the city $1 to use and charge admission to the park in exchange for managing it on behalf of the city and continuing to make improvements there.

The city-owned park was closed to swimming in 2011 for budget reasons, saving about $50,000 spent each summer on lifeguards, buoys and first-aid equipment.

Redskins Footage (Only known film to exist)

The Sheboygan Redskins is the nations oldest team in organized basketball. Footage is from the Sheboygan Armory Circa 1940’s. This is the only known film to exist of the Sheboygan Redskins under the gaze of 4,000 fans.

Sheboygan Auditorium nears Occupancy


sheboygan auditorium star 47

Council Votes 12-0  on the following itemmarch third


Sheboygan Press   March 4th 2014 •

A letter was introduced from the Armory Foundation asking to rent the Sheboygan Armory through Oct. 31 so that the citizen-led group can make improvements to the building. The group, which is looking to revitalize the building and keep it city-owned, is also asking to use the armory property on July 4 for a music and food event.

The city is currently seeking proposals for the Armory as they sort out the building’s future. The request was referred to the city’s Public Works Committee.

— Reach Josh Lintereur at 920-453-5147.

Shame on you Spaceport Sheboygan

The heating numbers are pure propaganda, as is most of this interview. $350 per day, that’s  $127,750 per year. Actual cost for heating in 2013 $19,920, that number is from the Wisconsin Public Service.  How could anybody be that wrong, why didn’t the reporter check the facts??

The damaged floor is due to a very specific failure to maintain the building that should have been repaired by the tenant. It was a leak in a bathroom, nowhere near the floor. This had to go unnoticed for a very long time, ignored, or worse. As with any tenant it’s Spaceport’s obligation to fix this, and the other damage caused by what appears to be negligence.

We are willing to fix this, yet, leaders at Sheboygan City Hall won’t even meet with us. We want to get in and assess the condition of the Armory, and stop future damage, why can’t we do this? We are being called “The Treehuggers” inside City Hall, and our stated intent to Preserve, Improve, and Enjoy the Armory, is considered ill intent. Explain that Mayor Vandersteen, the buck sits on your desk, you repeatedly say you want to meet with us, yet, we reached out and have been waiting.

The Armory never had problems with humidity, and the explanation of what its like outside would be funny, if it wasn’t ‘so bizarre, and hurtful. This is from a guy teaching your kids “Rocket Science”, scary, very scary.

Practical or Sentimental?

sheboygan auditorium star 21“Shall we be sentimental or practical? It would be nice to save the Armory but at what cost to the taxpayers? If a private group was to take the building over for a commercial investment and assumed all accompanying financial responsibilities, fine. If the taxpayers are involved in any way, then it would be best to sell it, even if it meant demolition and salvage, preferably by the private sector. There are always pros and cons to any issue. In this case, the issue is to make sure it does not become a financial burden to the citizens of Sheboygan. It appears restoration costs would be enormous.”

Jack Wirtz


Sentimental or Practical?

Why is this a choice, saving the Armory is a little sentimental, very practical, and very future forward. The opportunity, and actual cost of not having the Armory is in the Millions of Dollars annually. Ask about plans for a new events Center.   The simple truth, Sheboygan can’t host most of the events it used to hold because we don’t have any acceptable alternatives to the Armory.

What restoration costs? 

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Letter to the Editor

truss shotI have read the recent news coverage about the future of the Sheboygan Armory and remember attending games of the Sheboygan Redskins while having the privilege of watching our hometown hero, Ken Suesens.

During high school I went to North-South basketball games. Additionally, I was a guest at some of the Hmong New Year celebrations and paid to hear Bobby Vinton. It rained when I graduated from North High School in 1955 and the ceremony was at the Sheboygan Armory. Although I can honestly state I am emotionally connected to all of those events, it is those that I remember, not the place.

Great memories, I’m sure, yet, without “the place” there are no memories, just as your grandchildren have no memories from the Armory, a building that has, and can continue to provide a venue for memory making events well into the future. It’s sad that you don’t remember the perfectly polished hardwood floor, or some of the most beautiful natural lightning ever seen by man. Yet, we all remember things in our own way. Maybe it was that pure audio dynamite, or that special person we met, memories can be as subtle as a whisper.

The Sheboygan Armory is about 70 years old and suffering from the ravages of age and insufficient maintenance by its owner, the City of Sheboygan, because of no justifiable reason to do so. It was built as a Work Progress Administration project before the Second World War and is not architecturally attractive. Other examples of his style of architecture in presently occupied buildings are our courthouse and the post office.

The Armory is as old as it feels, knock on the walls, jump on the floors, they feel like new, look like new, the City of Sheboygan has been perpetuating the myth of the Armory’s decay since the late sixties. It was  barely 30 at the time, in architectural years, it was, and is a child. Many memories later, the Sheboygan Economic Development Corporation, now  the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation, saw the promise of this child and developed a campaign for the future of Sheboygan, Spaceport Sheboygan, that held at its core, the Armory.

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Canadian Teachers Funding American Rockets

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Canadian Teachers Funding American Rockets
The December 11th, 2010 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online article “Financial meltdown scuttles dreams of Green Bay’s rocket man” tells the story of businessman George French, who almost succeeded in turning his private dream of going to space into direct competition with Space Exploration Technologies (Space-X) for a series of lucrative government contracts to supply the International Space Station (ISS).According to the article, “French enlisted a high-tech investment bank to help raise the serious capital and secured commitments, he said, for more than $300 million, much of it from a Canadian teachers’ pension fund.”

Say again? An unnamed Canadian teachers pension fund investing serious money in an American space focused start-up?

Mmm… Continue reading Canadian Teachers Funding American Rockets

Remember the Quarry?

The Sheboygan Armory sure does!

The Citizens of Sheboygan came out in droves two Summers ago, this inland lake was getting more traffic than in recent years.


It was the first time in awhile it was open to the public.

Last year it was privatized for a ridiculously low amount of money. The council vote was unanimous, the last words spoken where boasting that with all due respect to… the Quarry will be back to it’s glory days, with lifeguards. With all due respect, it flopped, and there never were any lifeguards.

This oddness was rocketed through City Hall with a joint meeting between two boards allowing it to avoid reaching the City Council were it was soundly passed. Continue reading Remember the Quarry?

Sheboygan Armory Breaks Color Barrier in Pro Sports

Sheboygan, Wisconsin Played Key Role In Breaking Basketball Color Barrierart_imigs.jpg

On March 11, 2009, in CultureHistoryNBARace, by Black FivesFoundation

Brian Gaynor of the Des Moines Register copped some nice research about the breaking of the racial color barrier in the old National Basketball League, for a piece he wrote that appeared this week in the Sheboygan Press.That milestone happened in 1942 with the Chicago Studebakers and the Toledo Jim White Chevrolets, the two teams which had signed numerous African American players that year — the first time a major professional sports league had done so (see Black Fives Blog: Was Baseball Racial Integration Leader? Or Basketball?, and Black Fives Blog: Toledo (Ohio) Black Basketball History).Both teams visited Wisconsin to play the Sheboygan Redskins, a team that eventually joined the National Basketball Association.  The Studebakers got there first.Gaynor: Continue reading Sheboygan Armory Breaks Color Barrier in Pro Sports

Sheboygan Press Editorial

“It might be tempting for the City of Sheboygan to throw in the towel and rid itself of the 72-year-old Armory building. The Armory is, after all, in need of expensive repairs and there are those who argue its useful life is at an end.


That kind of thinking is a mistake. The city should take a step back and thoroughly examine all of its options, particularly now that a citizen group has came forward in hopes of revitalizing the facility. The Armory Foundation wants to partner with the city to make the Armory a viable operation after Spaceport Sheboygan vacates the facility in February and moves to the South Pier District.

The options appear relatively clear:

1. Sell the Armory to a third party;

2. Raze the structure; or

3. Work with the Foundation to revitalize it.

History dictates that the city make every effort to exercise the third option before resorting to either of the other two. Continue reading Sheboygan Press Editorial

Armory Math

Answers to Problems 1-6

1.   Depression +  WPA  +  Long Term Thinking =  Sheboygan Courthouse and Sheboygan Armory.

2.  Armory operational costs 1980-2006 were roughly $100,000 dollars per year.  This included a full time employee.

The  Blue Harbor Convention center investment from city = $8,000,000.

$8,000,000 Divided by $100,000  =   80 years of operations at  the Armory.

3.   2007-2012   Utility costs of $25,000 per year multiplied by five years = $125000 to taxpayers  + no access =  Unfair  to Citizens of Sheboygan.

4.   1941-2006  =  65 years of Armory Access  = A Sheboygan birthright.

5.  100 more years of Armory Access for Sheboygan Citizens + Incredible events = A Positive Long Term Goal for Sheboygan.

6. Nice to see you’re paying attention.

SpacePort says space travel to fast decides to go sailing

The Sheboygan SpacePort decides to add more junk to its 8th Grade science fair/space junkyard.  This time it is old boats that the Private Yacht Club can work on while the taxpayers supposedly pay for the yearly $25,000 in utilities, and maintenance to the grounds of the Armory.   Not a bad deal.   It is to bad The Hmong New Year couldn’t  take place there like it did for Decades.  The engraving on the front says Municipal Auditorium and Armory, not Boat Storage.  Attached below is the November Bow and Stern from the Sheboygan Yacht Club.  Is this what Citizens deserve to see happen to one of the last great pieces of  historical Architecture in Sheboygan that can house 5000 people,  seat over 3500 people ,and be used on a daily basis.    Call the Public Works and ask to use the Armory.  It sounds open for no charge or maybe you can rent it from the spaceport.



Sea Scouts have moved their operations into the Amory building and have received 2 additional boats through donation – a Ranger 23 and a Lightning. Also, the Wat-kins 29 that was struck by lightning is be-ing repaired. Please consider helping with gel coating and painting over the winter months – no prior experience required.

The annual Tom & Jerry Party will take place Saturday, December 1st. Get your reser-vation in for the best food, drink and holi-day festivities of the year!

Breakfast with Santa will be served Sun-day, December 9th. Bring your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews to enjoy a fun breakfast with Santa. Also serv-ing adults!

Treasurer’s report is all positive. Galley, Bar and total income were all up for the month of October (see the Mem-bership and House reports for reasons why)

The Family Membership Bylaws revision will be voted upon during the Decem-ber General Membership meeting. See the proposed revisions printed in this edition of the Bow ‘n Stern.


Save The Arnory

Sheboygan’s Colosseum

Lets not waste a piece or Sheboygan’s History, Seventy years of tradition can continue. Our ancestors built this for Sheboygan and a majority of Sheboyganites still love the Armory and feel and believe in it’s relevance.

The Armory just needs Fresh Ideas and Some Old Traditions!
Concerts and venues with seating capacity of 5,000. Trade shows, car shows. dances, sports, arts,, Taste of Sheboygan, plays, Gus Macker finals, Boat shows, Winter farmers markets,  Coho Derby, fundraisers, Cultural fests, US Sailing camps, tech Workshops, graduations, reunions,, political rallies, education, weddings, proms, films, speakers, circus, are you still reading, great?

Voluntary Armory staff could book events and functions

Can seat 3500 people, at 10 dollars a ticket, 35,000 dollars for one event in revenue.

Just because we have new field-houses does not leave the Armory without a purpose.

Firing Range could be used by the public instead of Urban middle school.

Preservation Society